Crappy, Glossy, Flimsy Business Cards Should Die In A Fire!

I asked the question, “Are business cards dead?” on my Facebook wall and want to share the best answers with you. My favorite response is from Tiffany Smith who said “Crappy, glossy, flimsy business cards should die in a fire!” Hilarious. I’ll save my opinion for the end of this blog post!

“The reasons for business cards have changed but the need is still there. Even though anyone can print a card … with anything on it, they still are seen as a means to validate the individual and the business.

In the past they had a long life as they were filed for future reference (Rolodex, binder, … like a yellow page ad). Now they have a shorter life as they are used as a first impression marketing piece and as a tool to hold contact information until a person can enter it digitally.

I know this info can be exchanged digitally but there seems to be a trust level needed before someone is willing to take this digital exchange step. Having a business card bridges that trust gap.

Another popular use is to be able to scribble a note on the back. In fact I don’t print my cell phone on my card… I write it on the card and people consider themselves more valued because I trusted them with my cell.

If you want the card to have an extended life it must be remarkable, impressive, unique. People will keep a card that is creative, they might even show it to others.

Otherwise, just consider it a short term tool to validate your position and your business; a device to make an impressive first impression; and a temporary home of your contact info.” — Randy Langley Follow Randy on Twitter!

“I use the icon app most of the time..I rarely give out business cards. I wouldn’t say that they are dead..maybe on life support..”
 — Anise Smith Follow Anise on Twitter!

“I have two letterpress printed business card orders in January, and just finished a run of over 1250 letterpress printed business cards in December of last year. Are business cards dead? NO. But, crappy business cards glossy printed on flimsy paper should die in a fire. Calling cards. Social media cards. There are new ways to reinvent the “business” card, and in a world where we’re touching smooth, glass screens all the time, I for one am happy to print on pillowy soft cotton paper in a way that leaves a tactile and visual impression.” — Tiffany Smith Follow Tiffany on Twitter!

“Not in the traditional business world. Also, I use personal ones for networking events. So, no, I don’t think they’re dead.” — Tammy HelfrichFollow Tammy on Twitter!

Now for my opinion. I believe there is still a place for business cards! However, if I meet someone I really connect with, I immediately ask them their twitter handle and connect with them there…or better yet, schedule coffee or happy hour, add them into my phone and set something up on my calendar…making all the input electronic and permanent. I can’t even TELL you how many thousands upon thousands of cards I have sitting in a box or drawer somewhere with rubber bands around them…and I doubt I’ll actually ever look at them. Having said all that, a yummy card printed on soft, beautiful paper stock..something substantial and memorable is lovely. May I have your card? 😉 Follow Me on Twitter!


  1. love the post

  2. I think if you’re going to have business cards you need to make a statement with them. They need to be unique, heavy weight, and well designed. If you’re going to give me a crappy business card, I lose it because its just bad, theres more of a chance of me keeping a scrap of paper or napkin with a number than a lousy card.

  3. I work in the Blind and Visually Impaired field and we use print business cards. Not all of the clients we encounter have technology devices (yet, that’s usually why they are visiting my department, Access Technology) so our agency prints our information in a large, bold font for the Visually Impaired and we emboss some cards with Braille information for the Blind.

    I, too, have that large stack of rubber-banded cards from conferences and vendor visits. It’s still an exchange of pleasantries as expected as a handshake. I do normally transfer the information into my contacts when I’m not as rushed. I enjoy the creative cards!

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