I have known Carole Baker for a long time and I watched as she began her journey in to the social media world. I used think how cute it was she liked to play on the computer all the time! She moved away, I launched my business Nutritional Medicinals LLC and I figured out very early on that the very best thing I could do from a PR standpoint was to hire a savvy social media person. Although I had lost contact with Carole, I always kept up with her through her social media posts and more than anyone I’ve ever seen in the social media game, Carole has a way of connecting on an emotional level with her followers that is very, very rare. So of course when I needed someone to take this over to grow a company and product that is the first of it’s kind ever in the world, I immediately reached out to Carole. She has been working on our Functional Formularies brand now for close to a year and has done an amazing job. If you are reading this and think you need someone with her skills and talents, don’t even think about calling her. She is MINE lol :-)
Robin Gentry McGee, Founder/CEO, Nutritional Medicinals LLC / functionalformularies.com
Best 4 hours in learn mode EVER!  Carole (Cherry Pie Social) makes her workshops interactive and super informative.  She is knowledgeable, entertaining, and so stinking cute. I walked in a “twidiot” with a pathetic following. Walked out understanding when/how/what to hashtag, who to follow and why, how to avoid creepdom, and more fun secrets. Now I am watching my numbers go crazy!  I had to stop email notifications – my inbox was blowing up! Thank you!!!

Beverly Stotz, Executive Director — New Mexico Wine Growers Association

Thank you!  In the 24 hours since attending your workshop, my twitter following has jumped 25%!  I am starting to realize the potential with this thing and am already feeling more connected with the businesses in my community.   Twitter has never been so much fun!

Matt Mullins, Marketing Director — Manitou Galleries

I hired Carole (Cherry Pie Social) to create a social media brand strategy for Southwest Acupuncture College’s three campuses (Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Boulder). She took our Facebook Page OVER the 1000 fans mark and grew our Twitter presence from 0 to 600+. She trained a point-of-contact at each location, Created a two-way conversation with many of our alumni and began featuring their blogs in our streams which has gone a long way in reconnecting with our graduates who are now all over the country with their own successful practices. When a potential PR crises showed up in our social streams, Carole calmly advised us and what could have been a PR nightmare turned into a positive outcome for all involved. Carole is the best when it comes to social media marketing… and she is fun to be around.

Anthony Abbate, CEO — Southwest Acupuncture College

Marketing leader… Tastemaker… Cheerleader… Ambassador… when you enlist Carole Baker’s capabilities, you are guaranteed to move the needle and connect with consumers in a way your brand has yet to be engaged!

I’m a firm believer that a true social networking marketing leader must possess four key attributes.
1 They must be inherently a social person outside the web to begin.
2 They must be passionate to the point of infectious as it relates to rallying behind products they represent.
3 They must be trustworthy, as mass influence can only occur when masses can trust the evangelist. And…
4 They must have played in both the advertising and corporate playgrounds to understand the various dynamics in play.

Carole embodies all of these traits and is the most savvy person I’ve met in the social networking landscape.

Ron Campbell, President — U! Creative

I met Carole soon after she had founded New Media Dayton. Her energy and passion for Social Media, and for Dayton left an impression on me. Over the next few months I learned of her love for not just Social, but her skills and talents. She really understands Social Media! Additionally, she always made an attempt to promoted local businesses and to involve as many from the community as possible in the organization.

Carole is willing to take risks, creative, and is a wonderful entrepreneurial spirit. She is not only the founder for New Media Dayton, she is a community builder extraordinaire. The organization started with but a handful, but in a couple of years, the following grew to well over 100 attending the monthly meetings, and near 500 fans on Facebook. On a personal note, I learned a great deal from Carole. She is a great mentor, teacher, and friend.

Rick Cartwright – Vice President, ITW Food Equipment Group

Carole Baker is a natural social marketer – it is in her character, she obviously does what she lives and loves. Her passion and confidence is contagious and transfers to her clients. I’ve been in the marketing/public relations business for more than 20 years, but hadn’t tapped into the “new media” market called social media. She gave me the motivation (and courage) to dive right in. Carole provided the knowledge and experience necessary to help me launch a multi-faceted social media campaign for Lifestages-Samaritan Centers For Women. We’ve generated a new awareness through our Facebook site, Twitter and our website (www.lifestagescenters.com) that did not exist previously. Thank you Carole for helping me jump right into the sometimes mysterious and (with your help) very exciting world of social media.

Caryl Segalewitz – Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Lifestages — Samaritan Centers For Women

Carole Baker is one connected woman. She was integral in helping me establish a strong social media presence for The Melting Pot Restaurant in the Dayton market.
– Without an existing network in this area, I leaned on Carole heavily to help me establish roots.
– She promptly helped pulled together a Girls’ Night Out event that involved other vendors with a prominent social media presence, giving the restaurant a perfect avenue to grow our fledgling network quickly and effectively to the perfect target demographic.

Kirsten Fischer, Director of Marketing – The Melting Pot Restaurant

Carole Baker is a natural when it comes to understanding and leveraging social media. She is creative, passionate, honest, helpful, and full of positive energy – all of which serve her well in an interconnected world.

David E. Bowman — Ohlmann Group

Carole is nothing short of a phenomenal social marketer and networker and truly knows how to spread the word about products, individuals and businesses

She is a true go-getter and can spread the word about companies and products very quickly. She promoted our product line on Blog Talk Radio with Debba Haupert, well-known Cincinnati radio personality. Recently, SlimPerfect was named “Best Brands for Swimwear” by O Magazine at Oprah.com. Carole took this information and spread the word very quickly through her social media networks. We truly appreciate all of her hard work and excitement!

If there is any doubt about using Carole to market your company, I can tell you that she will definitely promote your company to her fullest ability, gaining you more exposure than you could imagine. She has so many social outlets where she is very well known and respected that will greatly help brand your company, generate BIG buzz and gain new customers for you. I truly can’t say enough about Carole personally and professionally!

Casey Kurutz – SlimPerfect

I find Carole’s enthusiasm, energy and natural networking ability to be a great benefit in using the potential of social media in spreading our message of health and wellness through a chiropractic lifestyle. She brings both a solid understanding of emerging trends in social media plus a personal passion to assist those she is helping. That’s a powerful combination!

I have known Carole for several years, and I have continued to be impressed by her personal integrity and character. Carole and OH! Social get two thumbs up!

Dr. Gregory A. Goffe — Goffe Chiropractic

Carole makes a great teammate when it comes to storming ideas. Her enthusiasm and honest perspective are appreciated, and having the conversation made a difference with processing some of the details about a new product I am launching soon. Carole’s infectious enthusiasm spreads motivation like wildfire – both live and online!

Lani Muelrath – The Fitness DreamMaker

Carole was an integral part of our blogger team. She is a knowledgeable, creative and dedicated Social Media Professional. Her passion and understanding of Social Media enable her to build great relationships with high profile bloggers, tribe leaders and influencers. Carole is a team player and a pleasure to work with. I am confident she will achieve all of her professional goals.

Geri Gigante – Director of New Business Development, ShopAtHome.com

I found Carole to be dedicated and very loyal – someone I could trust and who I knew would always take her work seriously. During the time that we worked closely together, Carole often came up with ideas to improve processes or programs, and she always made an effort to improve the day of her co-workers. It was a pleasure to work with Carole.

Brandon Hartsuiker – Marketing Analyst, ShopAtHome.com

Carole is a spitfire with an incredible energy and background that go hand in hand to create results. She’s smart, innovative, creative, and a joy to be around. Anyone would be lucky to work with her!

Amanda Vega – Social Media, PR, and Compliance Nerd with 20 years experience. CEO, Published Author, Professional Speaker

Carole’s initiative and push to create a community in Dayton, of both enthusiasts and professionals in new media goes unmatched. Her energy and passion for helping business owners with their social media needs is inspiring. She does a great service to our city and I look forward to working with her to help New Media Dayton’s meet their goals in 2011. It has been an honor to work along side her!

Shana Douglas – Social Media Manager | La Senza Lingerie | Limited Brands

I utilized Carole’s social networking services with great results. She has a formula for success that can be implemented in a variety of business models. She is enthusiastic, professional and always results oriented. If you are looking for someone to help you with social networking, Carole is an excellent choice.

Teri Hartrum – National Account Manager at Alcrea Health